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Peter Zambos

Sadly, running on the infields of ovals will, more than likely, be out for a while still.  Now, I speak in an entirely unofficially capacity (btw, I always do, as I’m only a participant), but the primary reasons we don’t run at such facilities anymore are cost and safety.

My understanding is that these places charge quite a bit for their tracks.  As our numbers aren’t what they used to be, we can’t really afford to have the series continue to take another hit in the financial berries.  If we’re able to ever get those numbers back up again, maybe, just maybe we might see them come back.  The same goes for Joliet.  I’m sure if we had numbers like we did in the late 90s, that track might’ve been on the calendar for more than one year.

Concrete walls hurt.  There are a few of us that have become more intimate than we ever planned with concrete walls, and, as a result, there are some reservations when we go to speedways.  Chad, I don’t know the exact reason why we don’t go to Milwaukee, but the Mile is a venue at which a few of us had a rather disagreeable meeting between karter and wall, one of which ending with a long hospital stay.  The transition between infield and oval was never really smooth there, and that transition had a habit of launching karts directly at the wall if taken just so.  I really liked the Mile as well, mostly because of the good, close racing I had there, but also because it often fell on the same weekend as the Harvest Fest.  After you wipe the grease off your self (or not), you could walk through the tunnel and  replace that wrench in your hand with an elephant ear and a microbrew.  Heaven.
If we ever can get back there, I’ll volunteer to bring a bag of sacrerte and a shovel and finally fix that thing myself.