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James McMahon

Gateway isnt happening this year, probably not in the near future. Expensive to rent and feedback from drivers that stayed this year was mixed.

CES has Two main shifter classes. CIK125 and G125.  There’s rarely less than 25 shifters on the grid, at blackhawk in August last year we had almost 50.

In CIK 125, Stock Honda’s can run at 375lbs, all others (ICC, KZ Mod) run at 385. Open tires. Run what you like, in a 30min race softies aren’t gonna last :)
The G125 class is for older, more “statured” drivers. 420lbs for all motor packages, 30 years plus. Tires are same as CIK.
IIRC gearing for a stocker at Blackhawk is 18:22/18:23

Stock Honda as a separate class was dropped for ’13 onwards due to lack of interest. If enough drivers got together and regularly turned up, I’m sure that would change. In any case the stockers have no issues getting up to the front of the field.