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Kelly Read


MAM is just outside of Omaha Nebraska.   KART/MARRS use to race there and CES had an event there once but turnout was real weak for there event. I was told it was to far to travel for a lot of the CES racers. If those from MARRS wouldn’t have showed, it could have been real ugly for Davey.  Track was challenging and fun but some turns were getting REAL bad back then. By what I have been told by someone who lives right there is that the flood they had and normal wear and tear from the big cars, track needs some attention.

As for Kansas Speedway, It’s alot like Gateway’s layout.  I contacted them and the big issue is “DATE AVAILABILTY”. Between other types of racing (both oval & road course), teams renting the track, etc, nothing available for us through 2014.  Another issue was that they say a HANS device is mandatory. After explaining kart racing to them like for a laydown kart for an example, they understand and this could possibly be worked out “IF” a date did come open. Didn’t even talk $$ since no dates available at the time. I am in hopes that someday karts can race there as I have inside contacts  there that I hope can help.


Does CES Unlimited run 45 0r 30?? Dan Davis and a few others who run our 45 minute Unlimited class and have 250 gearboxes have enough fuel to make 45 minutes.  They may have a larger or additional tanks then you possibly??