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Mike Hoff


Great to see CES and others with their schedules out, which makes it easier to plan the year and schedule vacations.

As mentioned, we all need to support road racing courses or they won’t be around.  The one I miss the most is Road America when hosted by Badger with close to 1000 entrants.  Doubt we will ever go back and that is a shame for those who never got a chance to race on it.

My dad and I have raced with CES and last few years with KART/MARRS.  BlackHawk is one of my favorites.

Don’t judge Afton and Garnett too quickly or from the videos.  The first time we saw the tracks (drove around in our truck) we thought OMG how do they race here.  After racing on them, had a different perspective…still need to respect the track, speeds we carry, fellow racers, and most importantly have fun.

Brian, I never thought about the “missing a tree” aspect until I saw Kelly do just that a year or so ago.