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Kelly Read


KART & CES didn’t have a joint race at Iowa. We was suppose to but I’m not going to say on here why it didn’t happen but I can say that it wasn”t due to KART/MARRS. I did take the kids to Iowa for the CES event they had before the joint event that we were going to have to see what the track was like, gearing, etc to bring back to our racers for when we did go back for the joint event.  Brad ran a Tag for Russells and Lindsay ran her Sprint PP kart. Fun track for a sprinter but not for a laydown. As the kids said, kinda harry going into infield off the oval and was spooky when you got close or hit the alligators in the turns in the infield with the direction they ran (clockwise). NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!

As for joint races. One who was a big part when we had joint races with MKC (when Cole was in charge) then Davey with CES at Gateway and Milwakee and when we went to Road America with BKC for 3 years,  our group had a blast. Can it happen again, SURE!! Issue would be to find the right track (midway if possible), right date (not interfer with other race dates), right people promoting  AND, racers supporting it. When I say support by the racers, I mean being there both days. When racers run only one day and head home on Sunday, that HURTS !!!!

Tracks like Garnett may not be the best but, it does give us an opputunity to race 7-8 times a year in our area. I myself have been there racing since 1972 and I will say, things have changed since back then at that track. We used to not have the chicane at the end of the back straight leading to the spillway along with some areas didn’t have the barriers they do today.  Back then we had no bodywork and all classes were way larger then any of us see today.  Bottom line, all tracks have something that some racers just won’t attend and I truely understand that.

What us road racers do need to do is, SUPPORT any events we can or RR will be gone some day!!!



Take it you are talking of a G125 class?? FYI, I got a group talking of coming to Hastings and Heartland park Topeka  from MI and if so, we plan to add this class. KART/MARRS is always willing to add classes if the class is supported at any of there events. Just a call, e-mail, etc can make this happen.

We all need some type organization but without the racers, we don’t need them!!!