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Glen Luening

Lake Garnett looks a little iffy. But that being said Kart and Marrs have a great group. some of the other tracks are very nice. Guys lets face it if we don’t start to find more places to run and more competitors, karting is going to fade away. CES guys don’t think that everything is so perfect. We are in trouble if we don’t start to run with other groups to get more entries. Lets face it the cost of track rentals is going up and up. CES is a great group but we need to do something or we will not be around in a the years to come. It sure is nice to only have to drive an hour to a race but not going to last. My suggestion is to do away with Gingerman, since no one really seem to care to the joint but a few, and run with Dart, Kart, Mkc someone, possibly at Mid Ohio or some other course they run.

I almost went to the race in Topeka this year and the only that keep me from going was the lack of a heavy shifter class. My fat a$$ can’t compete with the CIK youngsters and light weights. But maybe next year.