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Chad Landers

Jeff,  I love Grattan, but it is very long haul for me.  Going down around Chicago an then back up.  Plus I have a hard time getting enough days off in a row to go that far. I’ve looked into taking the ferry across, but they charge so much with a trailer.

I may try and hook up with Scott in Fondy and carpool over.  But not having all my parts and tools would kind of suck.  I know we could all share stuff and we all wouldn’t care either way. We are all just helpful like that.  I’d like to at least try it once.

My plan is to make both Blackhawk races for sure.  Might try a Michigan one if time allows.  But I’m actually looking forward to the dreaded dirt roundy round kart I bough this summer.  I’ve got 3 tracks within an hour and half of me.