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Peter Zambos

Jeff, Kelly, I actually see both of your perspectives. Though I did mention that uneven transition at the mile, I didn’t see that type of facility as being inherently unsafe. In fact, if one wanted to measure the distance from the racing line to the wall, there would be less distance at GingerMan than at Gateway at their respective last turns. On the other hand, at permanent road courses, there is typically something that slows the progress of the kart before the wall, making it more accommodating to the exposed nature of the kart driver.

So, as a result, I do somewhat agree that a track and it’s limitations must be respected. However, some accommodations can be made so that when the almost inevitable crash happens, the resulting injury is not as great.

Let me also state this: Kelly, the two facilities at which KART/MARRS and C.E.S. held joint ventures, Gateway and Iowa, the accidents resulting in injury there were indeed not directly a result of the track and at no point did I ever feel we were competing under unsafe conditions at those tracks. Kelly, you and KART/MARRS have, by my observations, always acted in the best interest of the karter.

As a participant, I would welcome the idea of our two organizations holding future joint events, as long as there is a good mid-way point for the vast majority of our members. In fact, it’s a pipe dream of mine to have a Midwest karting event that would bring together KART/MARRS, C.E.S. and MKC for something that would be like the S.C.C.A. runoffs. Even better if there was no involvement of the WKA.

A middle-aged boy can dream.