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Kelly Read


   I question your satement about the tracks KART/MARRS races on.  You saying that the tracks (2) listed above that CES races at are 100% safe??  NOT

People seem to want to blame the track when something bad happens when a lot of the time it gets down to the DRIVER!!   If the drivers doesn’t RESPECT the track or the racers they are racing with, bad things can happen, correct?? So why blame the track????

Unless you can find a track out in a middle of a field with nothing within 1000′ of the racing surface, there is a potential that someone could hit something. Even with this, you still have the potential for incidents rather it is someone getting on there head from a roll over from sliding out into the grass or contact by another kart.

KART/MARRS has 2 tracks that are called “Temporary” courses that are raced 2 times a year per track (4 races) and 3 others what they call “REAL” tracks. Both the “TEMP” tracks have raced 50+ years for GO-KART racing and have a pretty good safety record.

What it gets down to is, if we all want to road race then there are possibly some tracks that we just can not race as hard on as other tracks and the drivers must respect that particular track. The bright side is KART/MARRS has a 8 race series, how many other groups can say this?? These “TEMP” courses helps KART/MARRS keep the cost down and helps pay for other track costs. I’m happy to be able to race 8 times a year not counting going east 1-2 times a year.