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Dean Martin

Under 10%  DNF’s I think  but the official results would confirm better. I recall a couple of twins came in as did Tevor Roberts (CR250) but very few stopped out on track with bits falling off.  There didnt seem to be any Rotax I think its because they dont permit them to run the stud/head gurdles which allows strength to tune more(?)   Most of the attriton seems to be attributed to detonation because they mandate pump quality unleaded 80-90 octane fuel so they are always on the edge.

To Larrys point – there will be a good 20 superkarts at Infineon and if we count the 125 gearbox karts I bet its close to 35-40 grid. IF we could convince the 125s to run full bodywork instead of CIK our first lap vidoes could look this impressive too.