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Thanks, Juan!  And thanks for the response.

I’d love to swing by a track day, but the season is over from what I can tell.  I’d also like to connect with some people before I head out there because I don’t want to be that creepy guy that just wanders up and starts asking all kinds of questions, especially when they’re trying to focus on what they need to do that day.

I’ve read several times that the shifter kart is a steep learning curve.  I’m curious – what makes that such a steep curve?  Focusing on shifting while focusing on line choice?  Chassis set up?  I’d really like an opportunity to drive a TAG kart and a shifter kart before making the plunge, but I’m not sure how I could make that happen.

Are there any other major expenses besides initial purchase, gear, and helmet?  I’m expecting to do the top end once a season and bottom end once every other season as well as the typical chain/sprocket swaps.  What other maintenance is common?

Thanks again for the input.