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Sam I all you’ve done is rentals a TAG kart will knock your socks off It’s a good ride. You can start in shifter. I did but it will take much more seat time to be competitve and safe in a racing format. It’s OK for me because I have a local track to practice that’s available 5 days a week plus I’m in FL so the season never ends. Definetly try to rent or borrow a TAG Kart. After that the decision will probably be easy. If you ever get down this way I can set you up. Brian

So the tag karts are considerably quicker than the rentals are, huh? Well that’s good to know. Are rotax karts two speed? I feel like I’ve read that somewhere.

Fortunately I’m pretty close to a few tracks myself – The Track at Centennial being the closest. I know it’s $45/ day, but I’m not sure if you can just buy a season pass or not.

I truly appreciate your offer, too!