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Derek Lodato

@ Bob… Well it’s not exactly true. Although funny how you put it. I am actually looking for a slightly modified 80cc say to 25hp. If going to 125 I’d choose a Stock Moto ’99 CR125

I am not interested in driving just for fun. For me it is about learning the skill of competitive karting and through seat time getting to a level of confidence, skill and speed to enter races. I’ve never been one to enter a race unless I feel I can win or come dang close.

I’m ok with using an 80cc engine package just to learn knowing that I won’t get much out of it when I sell… as long as I don’t have to spend much to get it on the track initially. $4000 is not an option.. heck I’d be ok with $1500 but not much more for the 80cc package

I’m looking for the best bang for my buck while still getting decent performance while I’m in the learning stages of the shifter world. I know a lot about these karts but not a lot of experience first hand driving or tuning one. What I also don’t know first hand is what type of money is involved in maintaining one of these engines. Some say it’s a nightmare… others say hogwash … everyone is different and drivings styles vary across the board. This is most likely why answers are so broad and different regarding 80cc, Stock Moto and KZ. Driving styles and proper maintenance are big variables

With all of that said you are right .. the final decision is mine

Thanks to everyone for your input