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Bob Baldwin

Derek : YOU are the only one who can make that decision . sounds like you don’t want to compete in racing .And that is OK . Welcome to the WORLD of NON COMPETITIVE KARTING .

It also sounds like when you reach the Apex of a turn you WANT to MASH the GAS and get your back thrown against the back of the seat . lol . NOT ALWAYS the fastest way around the track .

Hard to compare Apples to Oranges . Do you want a Stock 80 or a BUILT 80 ? A stock Honda or a Built Honda ? Stock KZ or a Stage 4 TM ICC ?

Either choice you can PLAY with the gearing to get your JOLLIES !!!

Pretty much depends on HOW FAT your wallet is

We ALL have DIFFERENT WANTS , NEEDS , and DESIRES ONLY you can answer that question  GRASSHOPPER .

PS let us know WHAT you finally decide on ?