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Derek Lodato

Well guys… I picked up a New CR85 package by Alden Engines so I’m going all in with this shifter package. There are good arguments between going 125 first and possibly using a restrictor plate going Rotax etc etc etc. I have experience with the Rotax and DD2 already. I want shifter seat time now only

I’ve heard from many others that 80cc is fast and the way to go as long as you can get one for a great deal. Well I got a great deal on mine at a fraction of what a 125cc Stock Moto cost so looking to get some good seat time in with it. Maintenance may be close to the same who knows but start up cost was way lower.

My GP10 isn’t getting much response so I’m keeping it

All 80cc guys check out the new topic CR80/85 Tech Talk. I welcome all your advice on setup and tuning or hit me up at dlodato7@yahoo.com or text at 813-504-0192

Let the Shifting Begin!