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Rod Balding

I think for someone that wants to jump into karting thinking they need to start out on a shifter as many do should not jump hole hog into the 125 and can’t handle it and then it’s up for sale after one time should start with the 80cc , I’ve ran C-Opens back in the day and quit racing in ’91 with dual TT-25’s controlled  and just able to herd one again and I chose the CR-80 for play on open track days and it’s a blast , sure it’s hard to sell when you get seat time and want to move up but you also get in cheaper . I really don’t like the first time karter to start out with the biggest and baddest they can get and then can’t handle it and quit , most new people want to go fast first thing then it scares the sh*t out of them then give up , you need to be realistic about things .        Just my $0.02