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Gary Lawson

Our 4 cycle guy has some questions. Maybe someone in the know (WKA person) can answer.
1. What is a CIK kart.
2. Does this mean a man cup chassis (CIK ?) can bolt on a 4-cycle engine and race?
3. Will a 4-cycle kart be allowed to run 50mm axel?
4. What is the definition of a Conventional kart.


CIK karts have CIK  bodywork and nerfs/bumpers. Also the typical situp seat. Yes, a man cup kart can just bolt on an engine now and race as is.

I’m assuming the 4cycle karts can run a 50 but they will need to run CIK bodywork, situp seat, and the narrow wheels.

The conventional karts are the standard 4cycles you see with laydown seat, large nose, and wide wheels with 40mm or 1 1/4 axles.