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Rob Howden

Ok… i know im not the only one with this problem. I was away from ekarting for half a year and they seemed to find a way to update (ruin) it! How do i search the old archives and is there still a way to use Google? Such a great wealth of information and shit talking to be lost to a stupid update, and thumbing threw the archived forum page by page is not effect for what im trying to find.


The archive is not lost…it’s all housed at http://www.eknclassic.com and you can still go there to search everything.

We are currently re-addressing the process of re-direct so that the Google searches will continue to be able to access the links.

And with any search that you do on Google (or whatever search engine), the only need to replace the http://www.ekartingnews with http://www.eknclassic and you’ll access the link.

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