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Dave Stevens

Word is that there are limited rain tires and I see many not participating in practice. Anyone have any insight?


The supply is limited because some weren’t prepared for rain and didn’t buy them in advance from SKUSA or bring them.  Rains are fixed spec/open vendor so if you have MG tires so those that run SKUSA regularly and the big teams likely have them.  Others though that do the SNATs as a one off and don’t run MGs at their home and didn’t plan are probably left out for now.  Vegas is easy to get to and as long as they are in the country enough can be shipped in as long as someone is willing to pay.  I know many do this on a budget but the cost of a set of rains is cheap insurance for an event that costs thousands to enter and run.


Likely it’s going to blow through by Sun, maybe even by afternoon on Sat.  It’s the desert, though to tell sometimes.