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James McMahon

I think there is an element of the event becoming a little stagnent.  Hopefully I’m not offending too many people there, but my gut does say it might be time for some sort of a shake up.  I don’t think changing things would affect its idenity as the RIGP.  If it’s an awesome race and spectacle in Rock Island, then it’s the RIGP.

As for shifters, in retrospect I should have pounded pavement at Blackhawk and talked to those 47 drivers and found out a little about what it might take to get them to rock island, even just to watch at first. Some might say thats a conflict of interest between series/orgs/events or whatever, but I think due to the fact that its a street race we need to view this as a promotional tool for the sport.

I still feel there are too many events in a compressed timeframe in the midwest. Needs to be more co-operation and co-ordination between tracks, drivers, orgs and series. I’m working on a platform to hopefully facilitate that. Whether it gets used is another thing!