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Keith Bridgeman

TAG and shifter counts are an interesting thing.  I feel bad for not supporting the event this year but I’ve been to the Rock many times.   Back in 2000-02 this was our big event of the year.  Everything ramped up to the RIGP.   Shifter classes where big and very much national level.    Last 5-6 years its been mainly to go because it was one of the few places to run a masters shifter.     

James might be onto something.   Honestly there is a bit of a been there done that affect for me and I’m kind of getting done with sprinting and more moving towards roadracing where the grids are big.   I think maybe some changes are in order but then is it really Rock Island?  maybe not.   Maybe its just a phase of Briggs and Yamaha’s again for awhile.

I can see TAG numbers going down.   USPKS, WKA, SKUSA,   there is a lot of competition now for TAG entries.    King of the Steets stock moto at 10 entries?   Thats not good at all.   The midwest shifter kart scene is a bit of a head scratcher though.