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James McMahon

I don’t know what more you can do with pro-open Roger. The UAS rules are tried and tested, what gives?

You could allow shifters I guess, so that someone could run a CR250 or something, but really we are talking about bringing in another couple of entries there at most.

Lack of shifters is really interesting. They are out there, there were 47 at Blackhawk in August. I know for our group/team the key issue with the RIGP is the lack of track time. That’s the nature of the beast I though, I mean who doesn’t want more track time?

One person said to me that perhaps things have gotten a bit predictable with the event? That somewhat struck a chord with me. Is it time to shakeup the layout in some way? I know this is a big task… but maybe it’s time? I do feel that the buzz for the event needs to be recreated in some way.  I say this with reservation because it is still an AWESOME event.