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David Cole


Thanks for the feedback. The story about Gary is awesome, and that is why he is the ‘Emperor’ of the RIGP.

The track was fast, as a number of new track records were made. The track was wider at the turns, even the rough turn five. I think it made it easier to drive for sure, as I don’t think we saw many driver errors as we did last year. ED NOTE: If you were in turn four for the LO 206 Medium race, you would have heard me nail the inside barrier…haha

Numbers were great in the Yamaha and 4-Cycle categories. One driver said it best, this is THE event for many of them. With TaG and Shifterkarts, there are a lot more events to pick and choice from, but for Yamaha drivers, this is the race you WANT to win.

Stay tuned for the next EKN TV Video to be released next week.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor