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Andrew Coulter

Here is my little critique on the 2013 RIGP (making it up as I type) :)

– For the first time in years I was on the other side of the fence. Although I still had a great time watching, it sucked not being out there where I felt I belong. Outside circumstances stopped me from competing this year.

– For the first time in years, I joined the spectators on the inside of the track and outside turns (didn’t even enter the pits). I’m very impressed on how passionate locals are about this race. You can tell the group(s) of spectators that have been coming year after year. The Popup tents, coolers and household names. Hearing the names of Musser, Lawson, Dittmer, etc from people not even directly involved in karting is pretty cool.

– Shout out to Gary Lawson for adding four more wins to his cv over the weekend. What’s even more impressive is what I witnessed on turn six after one of his victories. On the inside of the track (spectating as my goal was to watch this year from the outside looking in) Gary walked over with one of his victory flags and gave it to one of the kids that had been watching all day long. All I heard was the kid talk about the flag to everyone that walked up. Made the kids day.

–  Track times seemed faster than normal this year. I thought the inside barriers were much closer to the inside curves than previous years. Was this true?

– Roger and crew has done a terrific job building the 4 cycle and Yamaha classes back up to the level they should be. On the flip side, the shifter and TAG classes were dropping off. Is this due to payout, prestige, fear, cost, logistics? I have no clue. Both divisions had minimal entries but stellar drivers entered. If you haven’t yet, please give this event a try!

– It is very impressive to see “industry people” such as Howden and Cole compete in this race and have a blast doing so. If this event can pull these guys out, it speaks for itself. Anyone in the Midwest with a kart and a little experience should be at this race.

– Yamaha proved once again that is the backbone of karting with some of the best races of the day. If you missed it, check out Todd Bolton’s onboard of the Medium race.

I could go on and on, but I will take a break for now!