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Jeff Fitzgerald

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We have clean / straight CRG 2013 hero chassis for sale. This is a full rolling chassis with a #1 seat. 2 sets or rims ( CRG & GMZ) also comes with 2 PKT axles. We are asking $1600.00 OBO. We have a Mini-Rok Motor package (motor built by Wotjer) that can be included at $3000.00 OBO. I can send you photos if your interested.If you will be at Super Nats. We can have it delivered to you. Other wise you have to cover the shipping. We do a lot of shipping so we can get it done for not to much money. Please respond or call me with any questions you might have. Thanks Jim 303-957-5233

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<div class=”bbp-reply-signature”>Jim what is your email, I may be interested, have a few questions.</div>
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<div class=”bbp-reply-signature”>Jeff¬† 704-692-0984, jeff@firstindustrialsupply.com</div>
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