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andy graham

that’s my home track.  Yes it is a city park, open sunrise to sunset everyday, closed on Christmas day I believe.  Its as simple as pull up, unload and drive.  There is a police officer that lives on site and restrooms.  The local club that races there finished their season last weekend, and dont start back up until after Christmas.

There is no on site marshaling or person in charge on regular days, its all self regulated and it works out pretty well.  I believe camping is allowed over nite but not exactly sure of that.  Its an old track with an old design from when karts didnt have the best brakes, hence all the banked turns.  YOu can PM me if you need anymore info….usually theres a few people there testing, but its the kinda place you can run into anything or anyone.  IF you need some more info, PM me your phone # and we can talk.