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Robert Lawson

The April Test dates are in:

Saturday & Sunday April 13-14 2019 @ Grattan Raceway

The intention is to do the full weekend as we had planned last year. I’ll handle it the same way, anyone paying for the full weekend will be refunded the difference if we only do the 1 day.

Which single day will depend on the weather, obviously.

Plenty of time for details, but, both of the first 2 weekends in April were available. I chose the 2nd and will stay in contact with the Boys about any developments on the calendar.

These dates will get filled, the “tuner car” guys are now renting 3-4 times a year and seem to have the same dates in mind as we do. Their group is growing, when they first came out they had maybe 15 cars. (4-5 years ago) Last Mothers Day weekend they had about 50 and are breaking them into groups. They will soon be looking for full weekends as they offered to buy our Sunday last Spring!

Much much more to come, stay tuned!