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Robert Lawson

Some updates from above:

1. Brother Kenny delivered the kart today, Chris is pretty excited about April!

2. JW made a transaction with Jim Brannon in Daytona for the GSXR kart, Jimmy is now the new owner of the 600. It just got uncontrollable at speed over any bumps in the track surface. JW and I agree, we should have added a bunch of wheelbase to that kart. With all that HP a standard SK legal set-up was just not going to work as a 250 does. I’m glad he found a home for it.

3. Got back out in the garage and started working on the Project Kart. Also it was a nice 48 deg day here so we got karts off loaded from trailer. Rich has his kart at home and mine is back in the garage too. (with antifreeze!) Plenty of room out there now to spray sparks without damaging anything!

Rehabin at home here, its going very well! Instead of 2 x per week at PT I’m doing resistance band training and pully streches at least 1 x per day and if I get sore or stiff I just take a day off. Range of Motion is getting better, slowly!

I’ll get some video up tomorrow. Its a New Year guys…. cant wait to get going!