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Robert Lawson

UPDATE: Results are Unofficial, last 4 races had been shortened.

There was a red flag during the F100/Yam S Hvy race group. They did get restarted and finished their shortened race.

JW set fast lap of the day in Unltd. at 1:54.712 on his 3rd of 10 laps. He held a 23 second lead early, it came down to 19, then finished at 21 over Brian Wilhelm (1:56.557) on his new 250 laydown package. A good number of SK drivers down there from what we saw on the RM and the phone videos on FB. Not sure how many were on twins like JW.

More from Daytona tomorrow.

PS: with 12 minutes to go in the last race group (5:29pm edt) its getting dark!!!!