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Robert Lawson

Under a bit of a rain delay at Daytona here on Saturday… they got 4 races in then have been in a holding pattern since.

I spoke to JW at the Speedway, was most interested to hear if Jim Brannon actually drove the GSXR600 kart that JW brought down. John said he did… “It didn’t behave…”   So I’m guessing that it just got squirlly at speed. I’ll find out more tonight.

I can let the cat-out-of-the-bag and tell you I helped in selling brother Kenny’s refurbished track ready enduro kart this week. Chris West is the new owner of this kart, its an ARC PP that he will run on a pipe. Best part of this news, his primary use will be for Track Day action and turning lots of laps! I’ll put him on the top of the list for this Spring!! Welcome back Chris.

Spent the first 1/2 of the day helping brother Rich move-in a couple doors down. We are both looking forward to spreading out, getting our karts in our garages, and working out some details for the Spring. Can’t wait to start letting the sparks fly on the project karts, especially that 4 stroker…. someone is gonna have fun in that thing!

More soon!