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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all….

Before moving on to another thread, I wanted to finish this one with a story…. and a bit of a history lesson.

I’m sure by now you have heard about the fate of the Michigan Kart Club. Looking back, and I have 20/20 vision as a kid growing up in a Karting Family, I can say this is a bummer AND an inevitability. It has happened many times before and unfortunately will continue until nothing remains.

How many of you (I’m guessing I can count you on 1 hand) will know of these former Clubs: Indy Kart Club, Chainbreakers Kart Club, Competition Karters Inc., Ontario Enduro Racing Club, Finger Lakes Enduro Karting Association……(old timers feel free to pile them on!!!) These are all successful Former Road Racing Clubs that held events at VERY sought after Venues. They also share something else in common, they are each long forgotten.

The MIS/MKC stories are intertwined, ironically. The early MKC had a distinct advantage over the MKC of late…. MIS, when built, had a massive Road Course that went well outside the Oval and back in. The Road Course we ran on the last few years is a mere abbreviation of that Historic Course. Yet again, its unfortunate for the later that the History was not enough to bring the numbers this Club and the Venue deserved.

So, I shot this today and though I’d get it up here now.

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