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Robert Lawson


Don’t use next day shipping for those parts, you have plenty of time!

Usually, if I have to chase guys down, its because they don’t have a good answer. I did plenty of chasing this week. So I’ll send what I did get back to Y’all.

Been busy here, not just with this Test Day but the off season stuff too. Really looking forward to the Winter kart build, all the parts are here and an engine “program” is in the works. A trip to Daytona is a possibility, not with a kart but in a different capacity altogether. We’ll see.

Y’all start planning for a full weekend in the Spring! Will touch base again with Sam but I secured full weekends in April AND May for 2019 this year so we won’t have to miss out again. I know some of you don’t want a May weekend but it may only be as a back up to April. We will have to wait to see what the regional schedule looks like for the Spring.

More to come…..