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Robert Lawson

Hey Guys!

Its time to start gathering entries for October. I have a list of 20-22 names here that have voiced interest since MIS. From experience, some on this list will back out, but with Pitt being this weekend I hope that some will have unfinished business and want to get in on the action. Also, its before the NCM gig in November and would be ideal for break-in, testing, or prep, etc.

I briefly gave thought to NCM but after watching more in-car decided against it. Besides, I need to get this water temp thing behind us so we can build the spare correctly.

Entry will be $175 per driver and yes…. lunch is included.

Send check here: Robert Lawson 17731 Ivanhoe St. Roseville, MI 48066

I’ll take Paypal too: f-125@hotmail.com

I intended to be out there on Friday afternoon if you want to drop off, or, hang and camp out. If the weather is nice, I may stay over Saturday night too and head home Sunday. That worked out well for the Mothers Day Test!!

We have some new guys coming so thats cool. This is the best environment for a newbie to try a long track. We can give them all the space they need to get acclimated, comfortable and started in the right direction.

There is just 4 weeks to go, so get your payment here ASAP. Of course, as usual, if we fully cancel I’ll refund all entries. We may move to Sunday the 28th as a back-up plan if Saturday looks risky. Once at the Track and the EMT’s arrive there is a minimum “show up” charge for them and Corner Personel. And, once we take to the track, rain or sleet or snow… its on like Donkey Kong!!!!!

More soon!