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Robert Lawson

I’m working on a long overdue project of extending my rear pumper. Moving it out past my exhaust silencer will serve 2 purposes. Doing it now will serve to aid in mounting (and protecting) an auxiliary rad on the back.

Adding more rad is the next step in the process. We’ll add the rad we just took out of the nose (Mom’s Day Test, Grattan July, MIS Aug) and box it in with a scoop to feed air off the left side panel.

Our quest now is to be forced to tape down the rad inlet because water temp drops from pit temp to running track temp. (GOOD PROBLEM!)

Even in 42 degree Ambient, in the past, our water would STILL run upper 140’s to 150 completely unrestricted by tape or whatever. In those conditions, we should have trouble getting to and holding any temp with stability. Until having the ignition issue, we just never had to think about any of this!

So, yes…. more Rad… Second’s PLEASE!!!

If this shows positive results a large rad in the left side panel will replace the big aluminum tank. A nice flowing forced intake with exhaust will package very well, and I may be able to sneak a plastic tank in there too. We’ll see.

Got a few more guys interested in October so were gonna keep working at it.

Have not gotten a response from Pocono…. guess they don’t need the work! With VIR now history it would be cool if WKC picked up the ball here and worked out a test with them. Its closer than NJ, I’m sure its cheaper too! My .02

More coming,