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Robert Lawson

Clearing out the garage yesterday to make room for some of the $$$ work in waiting, we loaded Rich’s kart into the trailer. Added 50/50 to my drained system just in case it gets cold and packed a few other things in there thinking I’m done for the year with chasing the water temp issue.

Aaaannnnnd then I started thinking….

IF in fact we get enough interest in an October test day it would be fun to beat on one of Larry’s CIK karts. BUT, why let an opportunity go to waste!!!!

No clue why my engine config/pump & system/nose/ inlet size & airbox/etc do not react the way other laydown 125’s do on water temp but I have come to this simple answer: It doesn’t matter! Let me explain….

I have tried the advice of the Pump/Brand engineer, 100 open guys, other F-125 guys, and 250 guys all of whom run water cooled engines. I have also asked about and observed many different CIK set-ups and their results. Knowing my results were not what the Engineer, Open guys, 125 guys and 250 guys have encountered by trying them…. it makes sense to try to emulate the CIK set up.

So what are the differences? I can’t set the engine out in the free air like CIK so I did what I could and ran the cooling duct… which worked. I can’t throw a billboard rad out in the free air but I can utilize a much bigger radiator and scoop or duct air to it. I have a pretty good idea how I’ll do this over the Winter but why not throw that larger heatercore we bought on and try it in October to see what it will do? I also want to attach strips of yarn to the backside of the rad and put a GoPro down there to record in real time what if anything is happening with the air flow. My engine/cooling package¬† makes a noticeable amount of heat getting on/staying on the gas, and cools as soon as you are off it. We will try replacing the probe and extension to see if there is any change with this.

We don’t want to have the same issue with the new kart. Carving up new bodywork is a bummer, so getting it right or at least heading in the right direction is a must.

To keep after it, you gotta love this Karting thing man! If not, yer just nuts!