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Robert Lawson

What a week its been. 100 degrees in the garage to 50 degrees over the weekend!

Looks like the heat is coming back one more time, into the 80’s.

Since the weather folks are sooooo accurate I extended way out to Oct 27th! They are calling for Sunny & 58 in Belding!!!!

So, keep Grattan on the 27th of October in mind. I spoke to plenty of guys that are interested at G-man but we need 15+ to do it reasonably. LAR is hooking me up with a CIK shifter! May need to get a “big boy” seat for it, though, there is time to knock some fat off this a$$ before then!!!!!

Daniel Barth has 2 Birel karts for sale, one may even be complete with a TM KZ. Both have radiators included. One is just a year or 2 old. If interested shoot me a note and I’ll forward the contact info. I was looking at one myself, maybe a TAGster for ole Puffy…. who knows!