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Robert Lawson


Thanks for the effort boss!

I kept leaning my head forward trying to see your data!!!! :)

You certianly do not see much rise in H2O temp while in 6th gear. Thats interesting (engine pump varies in output with engine speed), as the engine makes far more heat from EGT when WFO in top gear for a sustained amount of time. Your EGT was in the low 900’s coming down the hill from T4 and in the 1020 – 1050 range on top end. H2O was nearly the same everywhere (that was visable!). She sounded a bit fat, I remember that day…. we had a big crowd. Looked like you were having fun!

Some axel pump vidoe would be cool……. uhum… somebody??!!!

I did some testing at MIS. Since we tried a faster pump unrestricted at Grattan, we went in the far opposite direction from our base and went back to the slow pump with an inline T-stat as a restriction. I ran 1 round of practice in this configuration, then took the t-stat back off. It got to 170 in just 4-5 laps. I then went with just the slow pump…. yes, THAT pump, the one that didn’t cool the water in at MIS last year (C&R Rad). Reason?? In May I ran that same slow pump for 30 laps/42 minutes straight at Grattan in 58 deg. amb temps and saw 174 deg on H2O (with this CREEK Rad) and the ignition never went to misfire. For MIS, I also added a duct and scoop to introduce fresh air to the stator to see if it would help in counteracting the misfire knowing it would do nothing for H2O temp. What happened??? It got hot!!!! For sure, hotter than ever before at 187 deg. The duct must have worked because it ran great with no misfire…… until the lower rod bearing went MIA.

The MKC had a bummer turn out with a short weather pattern only causing a delay on Saturday obviously keeping folks at home. Too bad, they are talking about just 1 Fall event now and there was talk early of not promoting a gig at all. Time will tell.

We got together with some old friends, some good friends, and a bunch of close friends and had us a good ole time at MIS.

Thanks to Larry and all the “Rumsey Racing” group boys for the entertainment and socializing! We ate very well this weekend!

Info about an October Test date will be up tomorrow!