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Robert Lawson

What is the essence of a Challenge?

“I do it, or have done it….now I challenge you to do it.”

I challenged anyone to post video of their data which includes H2O temp’s.

Video is definative.

I’ll cut anyone with good video, that provides the above requested info, a $$$ break on Testing.

I’m extremely curious how an axel pump that varies in output (GPM) at different axel speeds operates (real time temps at variable speeds) compared to an electric pump that simply runs full on until the battery loses volts. Much like the MX or GP Honda engines I have ran in the past, those pumps were engine driven and also varied in speed…. and…. were designed to cool those engines.

Right now, I’m focused on keeping my PVL from overheating and causing the engine to misfire. If the weather cooperates, MIS will be a good test. Going to the opposite end of the spectrum (pumps/flow restriction) from what I have tried. Very much looking forward to the results.