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Bruce Peck

So just what is the “challenge” Robert?  My engine runs cooler than your engine?  Or what?   Not sure what the goal is.    When I get a little time I’ll share my cooling issues as it pertains to my BRC 150 Laydown “experiment” which I know you’re aware of.  Radiator is at the rear of the laydown rather than the front.  Temps were very high at Mid Ohio 2017 (very hot ambient temps) at around 180 although the engine completed two 30 minute Unlimited races and did fairly well with a driver who had not been in the kart before.  I made some adjustments and the last two times out it ran 140-145 although the ambient temps were much cooler on those days (Pittsburg last year and then Daytona).  Next outing will be Pittsburg at the end of Sept so I can report back how it did.  I will also post some photos of the set up.