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Robert Lawson

As I’m preping for MIS it came to me to offer a challenge….

The Water Temp Challenge!

Anyone with a watercooled engine, any type of kart/engine package, TAG, shifter, clutchkart….. no matter.

No oppinions…. just the FACTS, that means VIDEO of the data!!!   Also include Ambient Temp AND configuration at the time of the video. Meaning: Were you taped down then remove tape? (CIK), Big Shifter Rad vs lil Tag Rad, pump type (engine, axel, elect.) and gearing of the pump (ratio/speed) if applicable, also for laydown guys, size & location of rad and dimention of fresh air inlet to the rad.

Practice runs are not eligible, its the race data that is the “proof in the puddin’ ” so to speak.

The reason for video is simple, I myself remembered a different outcome post race than what actually took place. You just can’t be aware of data at every inch of the circuit like you can in video.

This is afterall a “Challenge” so I’ll offer something toward next April/May Testing. I would be pleased beyond all expectation to see a handful of video’s posted here but I have a feeling it will be pretty quiet.

We’ll see.

I’ll post up a clip of what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and the effects of what I have learned thus far.

More coming….