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William Martin

Not familiar with what “typical” jetting is for that engine/carb combo, but if the plug looks good I wouldn’t change float height or main jet. It may be that your pilot jet is too big, and the air bypass has to be adjusted way out to make it idle. The fix for that is a smaller pilot jet and turn in the air screw a bit. I’m just going on a prior experience with a Honda shifter that developed a terrible bog when going full throttle. What had happened was the air screw had vibrated loose to where it was about to fall out… as soon as I put a new O-ring on the jet and set it back to where it was happy before, all was well with throttle response. You can easily try turning in the air screw, don’t worry about good idle, just keep it turning fast enough to not stall while you do your search for correct air screw setting. The important thing here is to stay on the safe side with jetting changes…go slowly!


ps: just fyi, if it runs good at full throttle, it isn’t weak ignition parts.