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Robert Lawson

Posted up more video of the Project Kart at YT .

Very excited about where this is going! Can’t explain just yet but things are falling into place, we’ll have some very nice components to work with!

This all started while innocently looking for a cheap chassis with at least spindles and steering. The idea was for a low budget, low speed, intro to road racing T car to give rides in. Just a cheap no frills 4 stroker, real cheap, like Harbor Freight cheap! It didn’t need to be fast or competitive, just a gas & brake ride for use on track days for anyone wanting to check it out.

That kart build is again a very good possibility! With the F-125 Project ongoing as well, it is going to be a busy Winter!

I hope to have all of it ready to run in April/May next Spring.

Looking forward a bit to MIS, more testing on tap there. Also back to work on the Pocono gig setting a date to head over there and find a usable configuration…. and cut a few laps!

I have not forgotten Y’all whom want a track day in the Fall. Dates for that coming soon!