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Robert Lawson


Its good to hear from you! Hope everyone in the Peck Family is well Bro!!! I was hoping you would be there so I could get your Beacon back to you. I can ship it if you prefer. Let me know.

A quick Thank You to Greg Stamm, he handed me a Mychron Beacon at the track (and a Margay tank!!!!) so I am back in business!!!

I dunno Bruce, maybe its just me OR the laydown shifter perspective. It all felt rougher. T3 is about the worst of it, there are 3 distinct bumps that make it hard to get back to the throttle. If you have no control over the direction of the kart AND its difficult to see…. your choice is to lift, and lose some time. In May I found if you square that corner off, I mean way wide at the top and turn across the grade getting on the gas before the bumps its workable. BUT, you open the door for getting t-boned. And, we saw enough guys rolling out of their karts in T3 this weekend, I didn’t want to be one of them.

You know as well as any the laydown can’t be “tossed” like a CIK and its a completely different perspective with your head on a headrest and part of the kart. I’m sure sprint guys have sore ribs after that weekend too.

All of the vibration is the kart binding/hopping from the sealer, the jarring….thats the heavy stuff that leaves a mark!

As for the camera, not a word. I did see some on the chin bar area in CIK karts but I was alone in putting it right on top.

Foolishness and Greed by the IC.

The entire unit is made of plastic and will no more cause injury than your visor. The mount is foam tape, no compromise of the shell, certianly the chemicals in the prep/primer/paint do more to the structural integrity of the shell than an adhesive. I have literally 100’s of helmet cam videos and have never lost a camera, not even close. They fall off the vibrating karts all the time though.

But we know why the rule has come about, don’t we? If not, who then is the bigger fool???

Peace Y’all!!!!!