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Robert Lawson

Jamal’s fuel tank left a mark!!!!

I’m pretty beat up, left elbow is swollen and has a purple bruse the size of a softball!

I’m not as bad off as our Buddy and head Tow Back driver Bob Cole. He took a serious beating on his entire left side after being hit and ejected, on the cool down lap…. of all things!

I called him as soon as we got home last night to check on him. He is in a GOOD spirit and taking it very well. As I said buddy, we are praying for you! Get better soon!!!!!!!

Well, I said the track would be rougher in July and it absolutely was. The sealer is spreading further beyond the bumps as well and in the heat causes your kart to hop…or push….snap loose…..and sometimes all of the above before and after the bumps are done with you! It was not a pleasant experience and I mentioned not taking my laydown back there until its fixed. The most irratating part of the roughness (besides the bruises) is the fact that you cant get the lap time from the kart/package that you know is there. I scuffed new tires then took them right back off, NOT the way to go on that sealer in the heat. Raced on the the old Maxxis fronts and used up SL4 rears…. it was still a mess out there.

Within earshot of the Wife I used the “S” word and got a look I have not seen too many times! Yes, the word “Sprint” kart did not go over well…

Asked if I would do a late season test I answered “Yeah, but I won’t bring my kart back here, maybe a Sprint kart!”

After talking with Bob last night, I am inspired by his brother Larry to try a TAG kart. We will have to wait and see how things work out. I would be interested in renting maybe for MIS before aquiring something.

I have tons of video from the races and the paddock….also some helmet cam, as promised! Got good hemet cam view following Wayne Rumsey’s new Richie Warren chassis in action….. then I put some doughnuts down the side of it for him!!!!!

More VERY soon!!!!