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Michae Polizzi

Back in 2001 I entered the world of shifterkart racing. I purchased a top level back up kart from a well known racer. It had a Kawasaki KX125 engine from Paul Leary. Having won some local stock Briggs championships I was confident I knew what I was getting into…..WRONG! Fortunately for me I was blessed with the information found on the pages of the original EKN site. There are so many people still here and no longer with us that spent the time to answer my questions. My KX125 was competitive on the regional level (thank you Paul) However the Honda’s  just had that much more R&D. My 42 HP KX could not keep up with the 49-52 HP Honda hand grenades. Mind you all of the engines at the top level if not tuned PRECISELY, are a bomb waiting to go off. Yamaha  never made any headway into the karting scene at the top levels. As Roger and Greg have said. Race to have fun, acquire all the information from the best sources you can. These guys have forgotten more about the sport that most of us will ever know. Go fast, Stay on all fours!  Michael Polizzi, Full Bore Karting.