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Robert Lawson

Just when I thought I was out….. they pull me back in!

I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I started packing to head out tomorrow at about 6:30pm after hitting paydirt on a temp solution. I made a few calls looking for a Margay tank to mount just to get some laps and prove out this new pump. Mr. Mike Tracy offered to meet me at an exit in Brighton, right on my way to the track tomorrow, with a trunk load of Margay tanks and fittings. Pretty sweet!!! It gets better…..

We sold that CIK/125SK  I built a few years ago to a guy in town, until this evening he was intending on coming out to Grattan to at least run Friday practice. When he called to tell me he wasn’t going to make it I mentioned the tank issue and the plastic alternative I came up with. He offered to remove the tank from his kart and let me use it…… because it originated from MY kart! It almost drops right back on, unbelieveable!

Thanks to Jamal Rogers and Mike Tracy I’ll have more than enough fuel tanks to use this weekend AND on the ole project kart!!!!!

Love it when a plan comes together!