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Robert Lawson

Got it all back together and running on Monday.

Back out there today to get the trailer loaded and all the bits of the kart installed before a coat of wax….. and, more bad news!

Fuel tank is leaking, badly.

Removed it and washed it out, plugged it up and put pressure to it and oh boy does it need work!!!!! No idea why it didn’t show the serious leakage of yesterday back at the test in May but…. there ya go. Nice puddle on the floor tray this AM.

Will check out a few local shops in the AM tomorrow. IF I can find a fair deal then we can stay on schedule for the weekend.

If not……??? I even called a few guys and considered a sprint type 7 qt tank just so I can get this water pump shake down behind me. No luck.

We’ll know tomorrow, more then!