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Robert Lawson

Steve is on vacation until after the 4th holiday so I wont get an answer on that optional roadcourse exit (entrance for my use) until he returns.

We did agree to a test date, on a weekday, the first week of September. There is a nice 3-4 day block of no activity anywhere on the grounds so having a few days to play weather etc will be cool.

Been out in the garage repairing the radiator air box, the nose was not on the kart when it fell off the stand. Also did some finishing to the chain guard, got it in shape and painted after removing the covering that was on it. Seat looks sweet, nice new covering and chainguard plus the air box got paint today too….. moving right along. With all new brake pads and resurfaced rotors its best to get them broke-in before heading off to a speedway we’ve not been to since Elementary School!!!

So, we are going through the motions for Grattan in 3 weeks. Not overly excited about it as the surface will be really rough in the hot weather (although its been quite cool) AND having to race 250 twins is rediculous. But, they have a Friday so I’ll run the same program as I intended for M-O. Until then, we’ll just be watching the weather!