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Robert Lawson

Always an awesome job at a Dart gig, they are the best! Che’ and I are bummed out we couldn’t make it but Family Emergency’s always come first.

I have been in contact with Steve at Pocono today, he was very gratious and answered all my questions & concerns. The “option 3” I wanted to test isn’t available… ever. They no longer open that part of the wall because that particular transition (rain gutter) was so hard on even fully sprung vehicles that its use has been halted.


So, what IS available in its place? Lets take a look…..

Road Course Map

Going CCW, You will still exit the infield at Nascar Pit Out (blue section) using the Oval T1 and enter the infield at the first Blue entrance, then turning right onto the road course back straight (yellow) and merging onto the White course past the infield pit lane back onto the yellow course then hard right onto the blue portion before completeing a lap.

Its basically the same layout as I mentioned back in the Fall of 2016 but without running the Long Pond Straight. Its slightly shorter too at 1.8 mi compared to 2.1 mi.

I’m waiting to see if we can use the White entrance mid way down the Long Pond straight with a MIS type restricted entry to slow things down. Also, that nice little “finger” on the infield with the hairpin…. not available to us. The traffic flowing in different directions is too close together, the only time it is used they restrict the number of vehicles to 2 at a time…. not good!

More Coming!!!!



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