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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all,

Wish I had video and a story from Mid-Ohio but I don’t.

Had to make an emergency trip to SC last Sunday and didn’t return until Thursday afternoon. Got work to do as Cher had an accident in the garage, dropped my bike and knocked the kart off the stand. I asked her to move the bike hours after I had left for SC so its my fault. No biggie, she wasn’t hurt and thats all that matters.

I did send a note to Steve at Pocono, just need his updated schedule of bookings to work around. We will put this at the top of our list of things to do, it is of the utmost importance I get this in before planning another race trip. If they are open and accepting to us putting wheels on the track we will be ready to go do it.

Some exciting action on the Racemonitor from M-O. Its awesome knowing what is happening with more detail than those standing at the wall! Lots of 250’s in attendance, when their numbers are good the overall numbers seem to do the same. Hope everyone had a good weekend and got back home safely.